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Second Christmas, Third Year. I guess this is home now…

It’s amazing to think this is our 3rd year in Cambodia. It’s not without struggle, still, but it’s home and we feel incredibly privileged to serve here in Battambang. We’ve got so much to look forward to, and have had some amazing things happen in the last few months! God is so good to us.

So Much has happened

It’s true, we’ve been so busy with new things that we haven’t updated you in a long time.

Carrie’s been involved at getting an international school started, which has hit a few roadblocks, Leyla’s turned 4 and has started going to preschool, we’ve had a trip back to Australia

Dom & Carrie & Family

Sometimes it is all too much

Life is hard, sometimes it all seems to much. Do you remember back when you were a child, how nothing seemed to worry you, how your mum or dad had you covered. Do you remember that time when your parent’s arms were always there to catch you, to lift you up in the air, spin round and round and hug you tightly, that safety, that sense that someone was always looking out for you.

Sometimes it all seems a bit much. It sometimes felt a bit much when we were living in Melbourne…

One Month in Cambodia

Wow, Has it really been a whole month? It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here that long already. We’ve been so busy that the time has flown. Friday seems to come around so quickly and suddenly we’re another week in, another subject, another challenge. Finally I’ve found the time to get away and write…

Welcome To Our New Webpage

Welcome to the new webpage for Carrie and I. We are really excited to be on this journey towards serving God in Cambodia. It’s 6 months until we pack our bags and get on the plane and leave Melbourne and it seems like we’ve got heaps to do. Please keep us in your prayers as…


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